cheap herve leger bandage dress Hot summer day

Hot summer day on a leaf, I inadvertently discovered a caterpillar being leisurely gnawing leaves. I think, caterpillars are suddenly it becomes a butterfly it? With this question, I began to observe and to do a record.
After a child, the caterpillars eat the leaves. I was to see what happens. Ha, caterpillars are spinning it! I saw from the mouth caterpillar A thin filaments and sticky, then slowly silk wrap themselves. That rate is simply slower than a snail crawl 10 times! cheap herve leger dress I have seen a little afternoon sun goes down, and caterpillars just wrapped up one of its tentacles!
A few days later, I once again came under that tree, “visit” caterpillar. Look What is this? White, round. The leaves may be only a “small house”, it was a caterpillar’s hairs “R” Yeah me excited:! After two days of efforts, finally caterpillar hairs have their own home. I hurried to take the information turned out, knew the little school house called “cocoon.” I thought: caterpillar sleeping in a cocoon into a butterfly in a certain dream doing it!
A month passed. Hey, how to break the cocoon a big hole? Caterpillars do? I have grave doubts. Suddenly, a beautiful butterfly flew over, lightly big tree fell on a flower and cheap herve leger bandage dress. I quietly planted behind it, I saw it with a thin mouth sucking pollen if, after which it flew to the tree looked abandoned cocoon and flies away. I understood why. Originally, this beautiful butterfly that is, before caterpillars become unresponsive, really incredible ah!
Through this observation, I understand the development process of a caterpillar becomes a butterfly: the first is the caterpillar silk, wrapped himself up; followed by the silk into a cocoon; and finally the Caterpillar drilled out from the cocoon and become a butterfly. This process is really wonderful!

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