cheap herve leger bandage dress design inspiration fish

Many inventions in the world is the revelation obtained from animals that cheap herve leger dress online who is the revelation of what was it?
Of course, fish! Once I see the fish in the pond, the fish while floating in the water, they sink to the bottom for a while, prowling, only vaguely see a little shadow, really like a little herve leger dress. From the beginning, I thought: a submarine is not a scientist to get inspiration from the body of the fish?
In order to clarify this problem, I went to the Internet to find information. Really not looking do not know, surprised to find the original fish from gill ventilation inside. Do replica herve leger bandage dress have gills?
of course not. herve leger dress is down with oxygen, oxygen on the moon to bring the same. Why not when the submarine sank the water go? What is the strength of the herve leger dress body lift it? herve leger dress is how the lift it? It turned out that there is a storage compartment on herve leger dress, its role as airbags and fish. When herve leger dress to go up, it can be through the pipes to the water storage bin discharge; when the submarine to sink, it can be through the pipes to water storage barn.
That submarine is how it forward? Original, leger dress herve behind a kind of like a fan Pai fan. When the submarine to move forward, as long as the start Pai fans can be, when the submarine to lift, lifting speed can be adjusted by lifting Pai fan.
Ah, nature is really wonderful, as long as careful observation, you can get some inspiration.

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